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Wayfarers Purview

The Legend of Creation

It was Mother Goddess, the Earth Mother, Jo’An (JOE-on) whose ultimate divine sacrifice conceived Magic and sprang Life into An’oth (ON-auth).

An’oth is a ringed planet. All magical energy, it is believed, emanates from within its core and spreads with great power around this living orb. The scintillating planetary ring, which can clearly be seen on unclouded nights, is its residual, yet balancing, effect. The focus of this energy is disbursed throughout An’oth’s surface, from the base levels of the crust to the ceiling of the sky.

Sages profess the core of An’oth still holds the spirit of Jo’an. Priests of the various current deities proclaim her spirit and energy is divided among the pantheon.

bq. Caribdos

It is within the realm of Caribdos that we will begin our journey, a developing magocracy of good nature but with a great deal of underlying conflict and an impending dark revolution.

Its capitol is Lockhaven Citadel, a great port metropolis situated on the cliffs that surround Lockhaven Bay. Lockhaven and all of Caribdos are governed by the Council: a group of mages, sages and clerics.

The city is widely known for its wizard school, the Academie Arcana, where spell hurlers of all echelons from many parts of the world come to learn and instruct. Player mages will find many resources in the city due to the school’s presence.

Fabulous temples, unmatched architecture, a cliff-side dock ward, and “The Great Sail” (a monumental work of art) are only a part of its notable interior. Most of the nobler buildings, as well as outer and inner walls, are constructed of white dense stone quarried by the Dwarves of the Pethian Mountains to the north. Another clan of the same Dwarves mine the metals used in coins (precious metals), weaponry (iron), armor (iron), and construction materials (other ferrous minerals).

Lockhaven is surrounded by a multitude of farms and ranches. The bay opens up to the Sashelan Sea, a source of trade, fishing, and piracy.

Wayfarers Purview

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