Male Dwarf Paladin

Age: 58 Ht: 4’2” Wt: 170lb
Lvl: 2 HP: 28

  • STR 18
  • DEX 12
  • CON 20
  • INT 9
  • WIS 12
  • CHA 12

  • FORT +7 (1st lvl)
  • REF +1 (1st lvl)
  • WILL +1 (1st lvl)

AC: 17, Touch AC: 11, Flat foot AC: 16

WEAPON: Warhammer – 1d8+4 (+6), Crit 20/x2

ARMOR: Chain mail, Heavy Steel Shield


Like most Dwarves of the realm, Ovili Overdread hails from the Pethian Mountains. His father was a ranking priest of Moradin in Rahlkindor. His house held in high esteem among his people. With a strong desire to adventure coupled with the need to spread the word of the Dwarves’ great god, Ovili set out into the human realm of Caribdos.

Ovili believes that all the fuss about magic in this world is unbalanced and disagrees with the base Dwarven tenet to avoid the arcane. Moradin and the Dwarves shall bring balance and justice to the world.


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