Wayfarers Purview

Attack on the Docks of Lockhaven

Your evening was disturbed by the cry and hue of the Watch calling all able citizens near the citadel’s docks to arms because they were under attack by strange humanoids of the deep. Each of you raced down to battle the “Sea Devils” (Sahuagin) until Guardsmen could arrive in sufficient numbers to quell the creatures’ ferocious, organized onslaught. Your heroic efforts saved the lives of many a sailor and dockworker who would have otherwise have had to defend. Malcolm retrieved a trident from one of the larger beasts and wisely turned it in to the authorities.

The filth-laden waterballs that were lobbed onto the docks from water-treading sahuagins were, you will later learn, city sewage and garbage. The smell was almost overbearing (especially if you failed your Fort rolls, which none of you did).

The best part of this event was that the party met. Not just met, but came together in fellowship and support.

Well done, gang!

Step One: Acquire a Charter

The wise Party understands that to legally conduct adventuring in these lands, it is expected that they prove that they will do so under established law and respect the freedom and rights of its citizens by seeking a Freelance Charter from the Council.

This will give them leeway with the Guard within the city, as well as offer leads to quests. They will have license to bear arms (with peace knots) without question and possibly act on behalf of the Guard until authorities can arrive at a critical or criminal situation.

Magic will be tolerated in defense of the citizenry, whereas use of free magic without license or supervision normally leads to arrest.

Acquiring a Charter requires a sponsor to vouch for the group, a meeting with a Council representative and a one-page agreement signed by all Party members agreeing to conduct themselves as deputies of the state (cooperate with the Guard, answer the Council’s call if needed, respect the citizenry, etc.) without necessary obligation to the Council. Relatively simple.


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